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Why Are We Working Longer Hours?

The vast majority of people, working for organisations that I am communicating with, are telling me that they are working longer hours and working harder than ever before.

But why are people working longer hours?

  • Everyone is happy to work longer hours, as what else do we do with our time?
  • Business/markets – clients demand more as market sectors become more competitive and crowded
  • Team members and middle managers are bad at managing their time and keep saying yes to please their senior managers
  • Juggling child care/schooling, plus living and working in the same environment creates an extended working day
  • Senior managers are very driven and, as they haven’t got anything else to occupy their spare time, they keep working and pass more stuff down

Are we as a business creating the right culture moving forward in managing working remotely?

What are the expectations of ‘out of hours’ emails and messages? Do people feel scared, worried and feel the need to be available 24/7?

This video helps address some of the concerns. I would love your thoughts.

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