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Future Proof Your Managers

If You Don't Look After Your Managers - Who Is Going to Look After Your Business?

Managing in today’s environment of constant change requires key skills and a great awareness of what is happening in your business as well as the marketplace. Today’s modern managers have to deal with an increasingly diverse range of situations and greater challenges than ever before.

Future Proof Your Managers is about creating managers who can self-manage, are resilient, able to facilitate change, manage performance, be agile, inspire and motivate in often remote working environments. This all needs to be done whilst achieving key business results to Future Proof any business or organisation.

Why do most managers become managers? Usually because they are technically very competent, committed, conscientious and achieve results! So they are promoted into a managerial role, but are they good at enabling others to focus on the technical aspects of what is needed? Can they manage effectively and in time move into a leadership role and generate more value for the business?

Making the transition from Technical Expert to Manager to Leadership in an environment of constant change and uncertainty can be very tough. This is where I excel in making Managers and Key Professionals in any business environment deliver more value and a greater return on investment.

I will ask the questions that everyone else wants to – but often no one dares to – and help facilitate the answers, the change and the right results.

Providing support to managers has never been more important, so they can develop and manage effective teams, along with their wellbeing, to achieve performance objectives.

Future Proof Your Managers

Group Webinars and Face to Face Sessions

Sessions can include the following modules

  • Technical Expert to Manager to Leader – Getting the balance right
  • The Essentials in Managing Change – In real time
  • Agile thinking above and beyond the daily tasks
  • Effective Remote Management – new ways of working
  • The Emotional Intelligent Manager
  • Delivering the What, Why, When, Who, Where and How in clear communication
  • Supporting wellbeing alongside great performance and results
  • 360 Review and Feedback
  • Effective feedback to maintain and grow top performers and deal with substandard performers
  • Who is doing all the work – you or your team?
  • If the size of your team was doubled could you cope? Structure and processes
  • Managing upwards and treating your manager as a client – being one step ahead
  • Business and Industry awareness – what comes next?

Future Proof Your Business - Future Proof Your Managers

One to One Coaching – Coaching Options

  • One off coaching – As and when needed
  • Continuous coaching/ Mentoring and support – Structured set programme
  • Pick up the phone and get instant solutions for tough situations
  • I look forward to discussing how these development programmes can be tailored for your people.

I also provide career and self-development coaching and training to Future Proof Yourself and Future Proof Your Business.

I look forward to discussing how these development programmes can be tailored for your people.

logo for Future Proof Your Managers