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About David Yeabsley - Career Coach and Motivational Speaker

David Yeabsley sitting at cafe table with notebook, pen and tea nearbyDavid left school at 16 years old. His teachers never said about him, “He could try harder.” He did try hard, very hard indeed, it’s just that he wasn’t very academic at school. Apart from sport that is — he was above average there, but he tried very hard at that too! If only he had had the skill to match his effort and enthusiasm, he could have been a professional sportsman.

Unfortunately, university wasn’t an option for David, which was a shame — he would have loved to have gone; all that sport, that fun and all those experiences. So, David went through several jobs after school and he always tried really hard. Some jobs he just didn’t enjoy and some he just wasn’t suited to, but he loved the experiences, the people and the challenges all the same. Inspired by his grandmother (whom he firmly believes left this world with absolutely no regrets) he made a key decision and followed his passions. He set up his own training and coaching company helping people in businesses to maximise their potential. He has loved every minute of it and, over time, has become rather good at it.

He still prefers hands-on experience to academia and learning from life’s experiences, and loves reading lots of books, attending numerous conferences and watching countless videos on self-development and motivation.

David is great at learning from his own experiences and from those of other people whom he encounters. He puts maximum effort and enthusiasm into what he does and is extremely focused on making the right things happen.

Contact David to find out how he can help you, your business and your career.