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‘Who’ makes you think differently?

In this era of YouTube influencers, the Kardashian effect and celebrity endorsements overwhelming social media and manipulating our thinking and choices, it may seem like a very busy mad world.

However, it is not all bad at all.

In fact, a very useful exercise would be to create a list of people who you feel think differently to you, have alternative ideas and are able to see situations from a unique perspective.  You don’t have to always agree with them, but if they have the ability to think differently, this can be inspiring and help you to be more creative. 

You are surrounded by people daily who could make you think differently.

Try to understand why they think the way they do and how they have arrived at their ideas and conclusions. Ask yourself:

  • Do you spend enough time talking to them?
  • If not, give them a ring and have a chat with them.

The people who can help you to think differently could be the younger members or more mature members of your family, or somebody from a completely different background with different experiences.

Look at your network and decide upon the key people who can inspire you and spark your imagination. These people can be invaluable when you come across a situation that you are not sure how to deal with or a problem that you haven’t experienced before.

We all know how we think and how we see things. However, to open our minds up to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, or to go and spend time finding out what other people think, can be very inspiring.

Never be afraid to ask. Most people really appreciate it when you ask for their advice as they will feel honoured that you value and trust their opinions.

Extracts taken from the Chapter Six: Developing a Clever Way of Thinking – Future Proof Yourself by David Yeabsley. 

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