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You Are Your Sales Team!

Get Your Sales Team Into Action!

Looking for a job or new sales opportunities is a full-time occupation or at least a part time occupation with key set activities, as if you were a salesperson for a company.

You need activity and to keep the activity constant and ongoing. In previous blogs, I have discussed that you should not just rely on your CV, but use other ways to market yourself, as if you were a limited company. This is about activity. If you are trying to target specific companies, make sure you do google and website research and keep looking for opportunities advertised.

Follow companies on LinkedIn so that you receive posts of their activities and job opportunities in your timeline. This is true as more companies take to LinkedIn. When you visit a company’s LinkedIn page, it will display who works there that also has a profile on LinkedIn. If you are going to request a connection, write something personal and interesting.

Try and Link-In with people that have a similar job role to you.

  1. Ask them how they got into that line of work
  2. Look on their profile and find something work related in common
  3. Explain that you are keen to connect with other people with similar roles
  4. Show that you have viewed their posts and articles and that you have liked the content
  5. Make reference to something happening in their company or industry
  6. Ask for their viewpoint, try and build genuine conversation and show interest
  7. DON’T sound desperate and that you want a job from them. That’s later
  8. At a later stage you can ask if their business has a job referral scheme or how they advertise positions
  9. Networking is a long-term activity but you need to start somewhere

Continue to be active in talking to people in your network, have great questions and be interested in them. Don’t be full on about the fact you need a new job and that you are going through tough times.

Create a subtle but resilient approach to your conversations and networking.

Be very disciplined and organised but don’t beat yourself up over it. Make sure to take breaks and create switch off time. Its tough going.

Good luck in your search.

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