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Raising Your Profile : ‘Your Personal Impact’ – What brand are you?


Time for some inward-looking constructive critique. Maybe you could find this a little difficult, but today we are looking at how good are we at selling ourselves and how do we demonstrate what we are good at and deliver well?

Raising your profile in your business or industry should be a natural part of your strategy to create future opportunities for yourself.  However, first ask yourself:

·      whether you want to deal with ‘you’

·      whether you would want to work with ‘you’

·      what do you have to offer other people?

It’s not all about taking; it’s also about giving and the value you can give to others so that they will want to work and deal with you in the future. Understanding the impact you have on other people will influence both your self-awareness and any areas that you might need to develop.

·      How would you like to be perceived by others?

·      How would you like people to describe you when you are not around?

·      Where do people get their perceptions of you from?

The answer is in your behaviour. If you are not too keen on how people perceive you, then perhaps it’s time to change some of your behaviours.  

I often ask people to compare themselves against a famous brand. Which brand would best represent you and how you act and behave?

Give it some thought. If you chose a high-end brand, do you demonstrate the same quality and customer service in your everyday activities? If not, what could you do to change? What behaviours might you need to develop and improve?

At times people defend their behaviours by saying “But that’s the way I am”, which is a fair point; we don’t want you to change your personalities, but we do have the ability to adapt and change our behaviours to suit different situations.

How professional are we? Do we do the right things in the right way and at the right time?

Raising your profile needs careful consideration. Here are a few questions to start you off:

·      Would you want to work with you? And why?

·      If you have management responsibilities, would you want ‘you’ as a manager?

·      What behaviours and attributes would you like others to see in you?

Other great ideas to improve your profile and use daily would be:

·      Be yourself and genuine.

·      Build trust and two-way respect.

·      Spend more time listening than talking.

·      Use social media/ LinkedIn (but don’t overdo it or people will think that is all you do all day).

·      Network and build contacts.

·      Develop expertise and be confident.

·      Learn from others.

·      Ask great questions of others.

·      Don’t try and be what you are not or be like someone else.

·      Watch and learn how others operate and work (people who you respect).

·      Learn from their actions and behaviours.

·      Do great work and be a great team member.

·      Find positives in others and give positive feedback.

·      Don’t make it all about ‘you’.

·      Create the opportunity and time to talk with other people – show an interest in them.

·      Ask yourself, “Who do I need to make a greater impact on in my working environment?”

·      What influences these people and how do they make decisions?

You can find more details on this and other future proofing yourself ideas in my new book: Future Proof Yourself via:

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Extracts taken from Chapter Three: Anticipating Change in your Working World – Future Proof Yourself by David Yeabsley. 

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