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Managers – How To Give Positive Feedback

The Difference Between Praise and Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is essential for us all to maintain, develop and improve our performance in our working environment. But managers often say to me “where do I start?”

A good place to start is by giving feedback on good performance. But remember, there is a difference between feedback and praise.

Praise strokes the ego, makes people feel good about themselves and shows that you appreciate their efforts and contributions.

Do we do enough of this? Be honest. Do you find the positives in people inside and outside of work? It can make a huge impact on you as a person if you can find the positives in others more often.

Feedback is different. Feedback helps people to understand how and why they performed well and how to continue with the right behaviours and actions.

We need to provide examples of what they have done and the positive impact it has had.

This is how top performers really develop and grow. They know why they are good and how to develop and maintain their actions and behaviours to achieve high performance levels.

I would say that is true professionalism on how to manage your performance. But we all need feedback. So come on managers, catch your people doing things well with praise.

Also, give them feedback on what they have done and the positive impact it has. Watch your people grow.

If you need any help please get in touch.

My next video will be on how to give feedback on poor performance.


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