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Managers – Be You With Responsibility

I remember my first job as a manager. I couldn’t wait to get started with motivating empowering and organising everyone. It was time to make a big difference. Bring it on!

Unfortunately, it didn’t go too well.

I was too serious and tried to act and behave as a very keen dynamic manager. People didn’t respond well and it started to go wrong.

I was then saved by my senior manager with some feedback.

“David, stop being a knob” she suggested!

“Just be you with responsibility”.

And what very wise words they were. She was right.

Whatever role or position you have in an organisation, they really don’t want you to change your personality. People just want you to be you with responsibility, otherwise they wouldn’t have given you the job in the first place.

After all, a great question to ask yourself:

“Would you want to have you as your manager?”

Now there’s a thought.

If you would like any further help in making the transition into management, please do get in touch.


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