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Influencing The Un-Influenceable

Well, there’s a title! So go on David show us how.

Often people will say “I can’t change their mind”, “they will just not say yes”, “they are impossible” or “I give up”.

Don’t give up.

That person or those people, at some stage, will have to make a decision and will say yes to someone.

Make that someone be you.

If you want a person or company to say yes to you or buy from you, you have got to understand them and the following:

  • be patient
  • how do they see things?
  • how do they make decisions?
  • in what format do they like their information?
  • what interests them?

Have some persistence and don’t give up, you will get there.

It took me 4 years to get my first business from my best client.

I have received plenty of “no’s”, mainly because the timing is not right. However, if you persevere, be patient and ensure you are ready for when the time is right, you will get your rewards.

So, who do you need to influence?

Naturally, if you need any help please do get in touch, David

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