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How To Treat Your Manager Like A Client

How to Treat your Manager like a Client

This could be considered a little controversial, but if you really want to get on and have a real impact in your job, I would recommend you treat your boss like a client.

Yes, like a client!

I can hear people saying “do I have to?”. “Yes” will be my reply.

Let me explain.

A lot of people say to me, I am not sure what’s expected of me; my manager isn’t very clear; they keep changing their minds; they are never available.

Yes, that’s true so it’s time to manage them like you would a client.

Again I can hear people say “but it’s their job to be clear, explain things be available”, I agree and, if you watch my management videos, I will be saying the same things. But, if they aren’t doing what they should do, take control, don’t sit and complain about them and suffer the consequences.

I am sure our clients are often not clear or they just keep changing their minds. Therefore, we need learn to manage them.

We need to ask them lots of great questions to establish clarity and the next steps forward.

Try asking your manager some of the following questions, they are naturally situational, but make sure you get the information that you need to deliver quality, be assertive, clear, polite and make it happen.

  1. What exactly are you looking for/need?
  2. Why is that important?
  3. How would you like it done?
  4. Who is it for and who can assist me?
  5. When do you want it by?
  6. Where do we need to be by the end of the month?
  7. Is there anything else I need to know?

Remember the six magic words.

What, Why, How, Who, When and Where.

Make sure you have enough information to do a great job and add value, so they see the value that you bring.

Should you need any help please get in contact. David

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