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Get Writing About Yourself

Today’s video, titled ‘get yourself writing’ is about writing your own stories and experiences as they happen. Overtime this will give you a good collection of stories and anecdotes to refer to and use to develop your career.

There’s a book in everyone.

I’m not so sure that is strictly true, but all of us have got some good stories to tell based on our working life experiences. As a presenter and trainer over my career I have collected all my stories and have written them down, most of which ended up in my first book.

This process has given me a route of focus to give me confidence and material to talk about when presenting.

I never thought I would write a book and now I’m on my second. It’s given me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts and ideas and get them down on paper. This exercise will help you to clarify your own ideas on how to present yourself.

In addition to writing a book, creating a YouTube channel has also made me write scripts and come up with new ideas which I can then use in my presentations.

I am not necessarily saying everyone should write a book or get the camera out to start their own YouTube site or Podcast channel, but you never know once you get the bug.

Whilst looking for a new position having something positive to focus on and using your knowledge, skills and experiences can help build your self-esteem, confidence and generate new ideas when presenting your thoughts and ideas.

Where to start?

Just get a word document in front of you, create a heading and off you go, write, re-read, reflect and rewrite until you are happy with it.

Try posting articles on social media to demonstrate to people that you are still connected with your profession, that you are still relevant in your thinking and ideas and that you have real value to share.

All employers will look at your social media postings as an extension of your CV, so give them something to be impressed by.

Give it ago. It’s a great exercise and is very fulfilling. You may decide to get something published. if so good for you, go for it.

If you just end up with some great content you can use for the rest of your career that’s a bonus too.

If in doubt give it a go, and enjoy the process.

Regards, David