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Eat, drink and sleep. Stating the bleedin’ obvious! It’s your life, get the balance right.

Especially with the build up to the festive season, you really don’t need me to state the obvious, but I will as your wellbeing and the things that really matter in your life are important.  As is getting the balance right.

Nutrition (food and drink)

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is so true and makes a huge difference to our performance and wellbeing.  Don’t overdo the eating and drinking and research what is best for you, create a plan and stick to it.

Think about how you would want to perform at work and develop your potential and how your performance, alertness and focus can be impacted by what you eat and drink.  If you want your body and brain to perform well, if you want to have stamina and to be alert, then you need to invest in what you put inside you


Sleep has a major effect on our everyday performance. One way to help ourselves perform is by being aware of the time of day when we work best.

  • Are you more on-the-ball and switched-on in the morning or in the afternoon?
  • Or is it late in the evening when you work at your best?

We are all different so figure out what’s best for you and your particular working environment or what may complement your energy levels.

I’m one of those annoying bouncy morning people:

  • I prefer to get up early and start work at 6:30am or 7:00am
  • I try to prioritise tasks that require my full attention and concentration for the morning
  • I schedule more interactive tasks (such as meetings) in the afternoon when my energy levels can drop and the buzz of dealing with people re-energises me
  • I then enjoy working late afternoons and early evenings, but I really struggle to work late into the night — I become very tired and want to switch off, so carrying on working past that time becomes totally unproductive
  • I love going to bed early, at say 9.30pm to 10:00pm so I can chill and totally switch off

Different working environments may dictate your working hours.  You may work for a company that communicates daily with Australia or the USA and your hours would have to suit those time zones, so be careful working with an office in Sydney, where you will need to be available for meetings and presentations in the early hours, if you don’t like early mornings!!

Losing Yourself

How do you lose yourself? Is it in a passion or something you really enjoy doing? We all need to escape at some time, and just doing more of the things that we love doing can make a real difference to our well-being.

I love the outdoors, especially walking and cycling. I like going off on my own and feel I am a better person when I do these things on a regular basis; I’m far more relaxed and tolerant upon my return. What are your passions? Where can you lose yourself and make sense of the world around you?

Create some ‘You’ time

Take plenty of time out for reflection, contemplation and enjoying the moment, just for you.  Maybe treat yourself to a cup of coffee in a favourite café or quietly sit in a park and just be.  Lunch is important, take it, embrace it, enjoy it.  You will return to work fresher and brighter.  Slow things down and take advantage of some ‘me’ space.

Looking after ourselves in body and mind helps us to be a better version of ourselves. Remember you can’t do everything, and you can’t please everyone — sometimes you need to stop and put yourself first. This in turn will make you a better ‘you’ and better for the people who are important to you. We all have our faults; learning to manage them is a hugely positive step to Future Proofing Ourselves.

You can find more details on this and other future proofing yourself ideas in my new book:  Future Proof Yourself via:

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Extracts taken from Chapter Seven: Being in Control of Your Well-Being (It’s much more enjoyable that way), Future Proof Yourself by David Yeabsley. 

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