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10 Questions To Help You Plan An Appraisal As A Manager

I’m often asked how to best create an effective appraisal programme – usually by HR managers and leadership teams.

However good the programme, the process only works well when the team managers conduct and lead the appraisal with integrity and confidence.

The following 10 questions will help you, as a manager, create a fantastic appraisal process for your team, so your staff look forward to meeting with you on a regular basis.

Imagine how motivated your team would be if they were excited to achieve business goals and their personal goals at the same time. AND it doesn’t have to take you more than one meeting a month with each of them to achieve this. What are you waiting for?

10 Questions To Master The Appraisal Process:

  1. Are your team members fit and strong enough to support you and the business?
  2. Succession planning. What would you do if your best person left?
  3. Who does your team represent? Are they true value for money?
  4. If it was your money would you employ your team?
  5. Is now the chance to finally delegate and let go of tasks that you have been holding onto?
  6. Would you want to work for you? This is your opportunity to get some feedback.
  7. 4 things you need to know. What does your team members think of 1) you, 2) the business, 3) their career, 4) their job?
  8. Make their appraisal their responsibility
  9. How do you help good performers to keep performing well?
  10. Are you tolerating poor performers? What’s your plan?

If you would like any further help in making the transition into management, please do get in touch. David