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Stuck In A Job? Best Questions To Ask Yourself

Being stuck in a job might sound great right now, especially if you are struggling to find a job.

But, feeling stuck in a job is not good.

Finding the right work-life balance or just finding the right job can be hard.

In this week’s video ‘Stuck in a job?’ I encourage you to ask yourself the right questions to help decide if you should move on or stick with it.

Try not to look at it as being stuck in a job. Rather look for the opportunities that may be presenting themselves if you give it a chance.

Two key scenarios I cover within the video are:

Should I move and how do I decide?

Will this new role be progressing my career?
How good is the company?
Why should I join them?
What is the market/industry like?

If I do stay, how do I maximize my opportunities?

How can I develop the business to stand out?
How can I develop my own skills?
If I stay, will it lead to a possible step up in my career?

Regards, David