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How To Prevent A Mid-Career Crisis

How Is The Journey Going So Far?

I will now ask that scary question.

How many more years have you got left in your working career?

Will your answer be based on what you want to do, i.e. your passion for your work, or what you will have to do for financial reasons?

Plus, are we creating time for what is important? 

Keeping pace and leading the way

Do not get caught out by saying ‘but I have 20 years’ experience and this is what I have achieved‘. Because whilst that brings great credibility, it’s what you can do in the potential next 20 years that truly counts. 

It’s like a sports team at the start of a new season. The last few seasons have gone very well and you have won a lot more than you have lost, plus a few trophies are in the history books. However, it all starts at zero again and we have to continue to prove ourselves and show we can stay relevant and of value for the future. 

It’s the same with sales teams that had a great last 12 months of sales. Again, the dial is on zero against the following sales forecasts and predictions. It can be tough going and challenging.

Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of professionals for all sorts of reasons. I am sure you know people who have suffered a mid-career crisis and fallout, as well as people who worked very hard to adapt and keep their skills and experiences up-to-date to continue their careers.

Some see a career fallout as a signal to go and set up on their own in consultancy or coaching, but then find the market is saturated. 

So now is the time for planning and, more importantly, taking ACTION.

We have plenty of great experiences of how we have dealt with challenges in the past, so how are we going to deal with those future challenges on the horizon?

I have heard the words; ‘I didn’t see it coming‘ all too often.

If you don’t look after the time that you have who is going to do it for you?  Please get in touch with any questions and let me know how your Future Proofing journey goes.