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How To Get A Good Work/Life Balance

Watch this video to help create new ideas – If you have any questions, please do contact me

We all say ‘well, if I won the lottery, I could do whatever I wished in order to create the perfect lifestyle and fulfil my dreams’.

Unfortunately, that is not a very good Future Proofing strategy as we have no control over that plan.
Remember if you cannot do it for yourself who is going to do it for you?

At this stage of your career, you will have a good understanding of how life, businesses and organisations work and how creating the right choices is vital. Put yourself in the position to have choices and hopefully you will have no regrets.

So, it is time to think about work/life balance.

How do you want it to be? I think it is good to set a contract with yourself.

When I left school I promised myself that, once I started work, I would never work at the weekend. I loved playing sport every weekend and often all weekend. Even now whilst running my own business, I very very rarely work at weekends. I commit long hours at the start of the week and then start to taper off on Thursday and Friday. I always start early and finish at a good time towards the end of the week. It has been my contract with myself.

When my children were young, I never missed a netball, cricket, football match or athletics event – that was my contract and my definition of success. Although I did miss one of my children’s cup finals, but they didn’t need me that day. They wanted me when they lost heavily or they were out first ball at cricket or got injured running in the pouring rain.

That’s great you say. but if you prefer to stay totally focused on your career and give it absolutely everything, I will reply ‘crack on’ and go for it, but just reflect on your decision and make it your choice and be in control.

I have friends who have just gone for it and worked incredible hours and achieved a different version of success. There is no right or wrong on this subject.

I have also had the opportunity to meet some great entrepreneurs. Their dedication to their business and careers is remarkable. They have literally given it everything and now have the material rewards that go with that, and if they are totally happy with what they have done, good on them. They often say they have sacrificed family and friends time to achieve what they have accomplished. I would disagree, it was their choice and their decision, and they put themselves in that situation to have those choices. Top respect.

But I also have total respect for people who have decided to chose a totally different route for their working lives and, without the materialistic rewards, they are very happy.

We are all unique and our definitions of success are and will always be very different.

Put yourself in the position that gives you the right choices for you and your future.

But no procrastination, except for maybe on a Sunday afternoon.

So how do you want it to be? Now is the time to reflect and work on what’s best for you and for those you have responsibility for.

In the first video of this series I spoke about being in the right career and about making the right decisions before life’s responsibilities take effect, in terms of financial responsibilities, as well as relationship and family commitments. It’s important to think about these areas.

As I say, there is no right and wrong in the book of life, but we will need to make decisions and choices. Build your awareness and create choices for yourself and for those important to you, now and in the future.

Time is a wonderful thing, spend it wisely and treat it with respect.
If you don’t look after the time that you have who is going to do it for you?  

Please get in touch with any questions and let me know how your Future Proofing journey goes 

Good luck and enjoy, David