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How To Deal With The Feeling Of Imposter Syndrome

Everyone feels it. Imposter Syndrome.

The question is how do you deal with it?

Here is how!

In this weeks video ‘How To Deal With The Feeling Of Imposter Syndrome‘ I highlight the fact that, although you may feel like you are the only one to experience the feeling of imposter syndrome, absolutely everyone feels it.

You may feel under qualified or out of place, but the truth is, others have either been through the same feelings or are going through them right now.

How you deal with the feeling can be the most difficult thing.

I encourage everyone to push through and look at the positives that come from taking on a challenge and putting yourself in this position, instead of backing away or avoiding the situation.

Enjoy the video, it truly has some very useful tips for you to overcome your imposter syndrome feelings.

Regards, David