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How To Apply For Jobs Online And Get Noticed

Applying for jobs online can feel daunting and, at times, pointless.

Depending on your approach to online applications this can be true. However, by following the advice in my video ‘how to apply for jobs online’, you can increase your chances of an interview and becoming employed.

I encourage you to watch the whole video as all of these elements are needed to maximise your chances.

The truth is that, if your CV finds its way into real human hands, the hardest part is complete.

Many CVs get filtered out by technology and never reach the intended recipients.
This video helps you focus on a few good CVs that you get to the right place, rather than mass CV applications, where you’re probably getting caught in an unforgiving system.

Do not just throw mud at the wall is very important and a key theme. You need to be able to explain the value that you will bring to a particular role and business.

There are 3 key areas covered in this video:

1. Before you send an application (it is essential that you get this bit right)

2. What jobs to apply for – don’t just copy and paste your applications

3. How do you make your application stand out? Personalise them as if they were a business proposal

Please also see my book below ‘Don’t Just Rely on Your CV’.

Let me know how you get on with your applications after watching this. I would love to get your feedback, plus if you have had a successful interview or succeeded in getting a new job.

Good luck and keep in touch.