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Wellbeing v Work – What To Talk About First

Feedback from Managers that have attended my Remote Management Courses has been that they feel they have become better Managers in terms of their communication, as follows:

  1. More regular team meetings
  2. Certainly more one to ones
  3. Trusting and empowering their team members has improved
  4. Delegation and being less of a control freak
  5. Trying not to send emails out of hours
  6. Being more emotionally aware and really getting to know and understand team members

All these are great, but a conversation we keep having is about the importance of one to ones.

What do we discuss first? Work or Wellbeing?

Now that we have everyone doing one to ones via video, it is easier to gauge the mood of team members.

Make sure the team members know the structure of your one to ones and that you are going to cover both subjects. That way they will become more open.

A manager did comment on one session ‘I ask, are they waving to say hello or because they are drowning’, which breaks the ice with her team.

Just be human and ask, ‘What would you like to discuss first? Work tasks or how you are doing?’.

Remember, you can’t solve everyone’s problems, but you can listen, understand and provide support.

Have great conversations, your people will respect you for it.


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