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How to keep yourself employable, relevant and of value for the rest of your working career

Conference Speaker

The Challenge

How are we all going to keep ourselves employable for the rest of our working careers? The retirement age is increasing, and the pension provision is reducing. New technologies, market trends, diversity in terms of culture and age, legislation, company re-structuring, wellbeing and burnout, plus local and world economics; are all real threats in keeping us all employable for the rest of our working lives.

The Solution

David’s mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take full responsibility and control in self-managing their own development and future career opportunities by utilising the concept of Future Proofing Yourself. One big question regularly being asked is when will people realistically be able to afford to retire?

David delivers inspiring talks on the need to be constantly upgrading one’s own Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Mindsets, so people can stay of value and relevant in their careers which potentially are lasting much longer. This will only happen if we can stay employable.

We are all a Limited Company.  We sell our Time, Knowledge, Expertise, Skills, Experience and Bundles of Enthusiasm and, in return, we get a wage and other benefits. BUT how are we going to keep the doors of our Limited Company open? The different generations are faced with a wide variety of challenges from technology, ageism, burnout, financial/ pensions, health, evolving environments and constant change.

David’s Credentials

With over 25 years’ experience in running coaching and development programmes, plus providing learning and development consultancy to the corporate world, David brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to life with entertaining and motivating talks and speeches. His audience leaves feeling focused and inspired with the concept of Future Proofing Yourself and his continual message ‘If you don’t look after yourself, who will do it for you?’.  David doesn’t just talk about the issues; he provides very realistic solutions and advice based on the experience of hundreds of interviews and coaching conversations.

Brilliant talks for individuals

Who wants to be inspired to take control of their self-development and career planning?

Who wants to wake up and accept the need to develop and grow just to survive in the working world?

Who wants to learn how to network and market themselves for their future?

Who wants to develop the right lifestyle that comes from being marketable and employable?

My ‘Future Proofing Yourself’ Speaking Offer

30-60 minute interactive Conference Talks, plus half/full day development programme

Key areas

  1.  The Art of Reflection
  2. Managing your Self-Development
  3. Developing Self Esteem and Confidence
  4. Controlling the Controllable – Managing You
  5. We are all a Limited Company – Sell Yourself

Achieving and maximising your potential doesn’t just happen. It involves careful planning and hard work, along with a clear focus on the areas that you need to work on.  It’s a bit like being an Olympic heptathlete – you must be multiskilled and dedicated in order to maximise your opportunities. You need to develop learning as a core value and keep challenging yourself to grow.   

This programme brings these elements into the everyday working world to enable people to be more effective, enjoy their work more and develop higher amounts of self-esteem, confidence and self-motivation. It is a highly interactive course with participants demonstrating the skills and techniques required to maximise their personal potential.

I also provide career and self-development coaching and training to Future Proof Yourself, Future Proof Your Business and Future Proof Your Managers.

In a nutshell ‘If you can’t look after yourself, who is going to do it for you?