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How To Manage Your Comfort Zone Challenges

I have always believed in the saying ‘If in doubt give it a go’, because there is always one benefit in doing something new. You will always learn from the experience. Which, to me, is a big positive.

In this video I will explain some of the comfort zone challenges I have embraced in my work and life in general. Some challenges have gone better than others, for instance, the first 80 seconds of my 5 minute stand-up comedy routine was absolute murder (you can see the video on my YouTube channel)

With all of my challenges, I always learnt something about myself and how to improve and develop.

So, before you start thinking of what new comfort zone challenges that you can take on, take time to think of the challenges in your career and life that you have taken on and how well you dealt with them.

Some of the challenges will have been of your choosing, but others, unfortunately, might have been forced upon you. What did you learn to overcome such challenges?

Take time to reflect and then think – ok, what’s next? What else would I like to take on?

Plus, remember my saying from my other videos on self-esteem and confidence;

‘If you have been outside your comfort zone before, you can do it again.’
‘So if in doubt give it ago’

Let me know how you get on.