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Future Proof Yourself

What is Future Proofing Yourself?

We are all like a commercial company; we sell our knowledge, skills, ideas, time, expertise and our wisdom to our employer. In return we get a salary and receive other benefits.

We give up our personal time and sometimes put our general health and wellbeing to the test by working long hours in pressurised environments, trying to achieve corporate results.

But all good commercial companies are great at developing new ideas, products and services for their customers. They employ people with the right skills and attributes, develop succession planning and invest in new technologies and skills. They diversify before the market changes. These companies think one step ahead or, if they are really good, two steps ahead of the game with strategic thinking and excellent planning.

For us as individuals, do we do the same? Are we looking after ourselves? Are our skills, experience, knowledge and thinking up to date? Do we sit and analyse what our employers are going to want in the future from us? Do we consider how the skills market is changing and what is needed in the next 5 to 10 years?

Do we treat our employers as customers and consider what do they need from us, now and in the future as their markets change?  Are we looking after ourselves, so are we are fit and strong enough to still be of value to our employers in the future and, in return, making ourselves employable for the rest of our careers?

If we don’t look after ourselves, who is going to do it for us?

Welcome to Future Proofing Yourself.

Who is it for?

This is for everyone. At times we will all feel vulnerable in one way or another in our working careers. We will worry about the future of our company and our roles within them. We will feel out of our depth and lack confidence. This can now be managed. Things will not always go the way that you want them to, but now you can take control of your reaction to situations and make the right choices for you.

It’s all about choices but we must make sure you put yourself in the right position, so you have those choices.

Future proofing yourself can seem challenging at times and feel uncomfortable

However, now is not the time to put your head in the sand and hope it will go away or waiting to win the lottery. It’s a real issue.

There is no magic formula – it’s called self-management and professionalism.  

We all look at someone like tennis legend, Roger Federer, and accept he is a great professional who knows why he is so good, so he can constantly perform to the best of his abilities. He gets paid lots of money; he should be professional and know what he is good at. Well, we all think we are professional, so shouldn’t we know what we excel at? Be able to promote yourself and constantly perform to the best of our abilities?

Future Proofing Yourself should be fun and involve new experiences, new people to talk with, new learning opportunities. It will help develop your confidence, help you to get the right balance in life, create new ways of thinking.

And above all help you to enjoy and feel valued and fulfilled.

cartoon of person contemplating flight of steps labelled Confidence, Performance, Potential and New Skills with signpost on top step saying The Future

Are you ready?