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Two Great Books to Help You Manage Your Career

Future Proof Yourself by David Yeabsley

In these unpredictable times, there is every reason for you to want to realise your skills and lifestyle choices to look forward to an adventurous and exciting future.

Are you worth it?  Of course you are!  You are your greatest asset and investment.  Welcome to Future Proofing Yourself!

For us as individuals, do we do the same? Are our skills, experience, knowledge and thinking up to date? Do we sit and analyse what our employers are going to want in the future from us? Do we consider how the skills market is changing and what is needed in the next 5 to 10 years?

Do we treat our employers as customers and consider what do they need from us, now and in the future as their markets change?  Are we looking after ourselves, so are we are fit and strong enough to still be of value to our employers in the future and, in return, making ourselves employable for the rest of our careers?

This book is for everyone.  Reflecting on his own personal experiences and those of his family, friends and people that he has coached and mentored, David Yeabsley shares how at times we all feel vulnerable in our working careers and worry about the future. We can feel lost and lacking in confidence.

In Future Proof Yourself, David discusses how these feelings can be managed, encouraging you to discover how YOU can take control of situations and make the right choices for your future career and personal life.

What could you expect from a life that you have Future Proofed? 

Well you can certainly look forward to having:

  • the ability to take control of your professional career
  • new skills and experiences
  • new people to network with
  • new learning opportunities

It will also guide you to:

  • develop your confidence
  • create new ways of thinking
  • achieve the right balance in your life
  • enable you to stay relevant and employable for the rest of your working career

Investment in yourself applies to all areas of your life, not just your career. 
Be careful though, following the Future Proof Yourself guidance you just might start living it and become the best version of yourself!

‘Why should you make the effort?
Well, if you can’t look after yourself, who is going to do it for you?

Don’t Just Rely on Your CV by David Yeabsley and Nicky Pusey

David has teamed up with Nicky Pusey who has a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment Industry to write ‘Don’t Just Rely on Your CV’.

David and Nicky are constantly looking at new ways to help people to stay relevant and of value in their working careers. Now more than ever in very unpredictable times looking for new job opportunities can be more than just a challenge, but help is at hand.

Nicky has a wealth of recruitment experience. She  has helped candidates find their ideal career moves and offered great support and advice when the recruitment market has been buoyant, and also in tough times as the candidate market becomes very competitive. Nicky uses her experiences of the recruitment industry to help find new solutions for the current unpredictable times that we all face.

David provides solutions to people to keep themselves employable and of value using the concepts of ‘Future Proof Yourself’. His focus has been to motivate and inspire people to take ownership and responsibility for their own self development, enabling them to stay relevant and of value for the rest of their working careers.

Nicky and David have now teamed up to help people to have the absolute best chance of finding new job opportunities by using a whole range of different methods and strategies.

Looking for opportunities in tough times

The Future Proof Yourself Notebook

The Future Proof Yourself notebook is an invaluable tool, a place to keep a clear mind, to be more in control and relaxed as you focus on the important things.  Easy on the eye without distracting in meetings, unlike electronic devices. Caricatures and coaching tips throughout the notebook bring your own personal development and goals to the front of your mind enabling reflection and prioritisation of key actions, projects and more.

cover of Future Proof Yourself notebook blue with pink title and sketch of person